** Sadly, our most recent batch of Thread Hearts had a quality issue. Please see pictures above detailing the problem. This sharp notch won’t affect the floss drop function of our Thread Hearts but does affect the ability to wrap it like a bobbin for storage. Small scratches may also be present. This is a special discounted listing for 100 Thread Hearts over 40% off list price. **


Thread Hearts are approximately 3mm thick, and measure roughly 1.9 inches wide by 1.6 inches long. They include an extra wide hole for easy floss ring storage, space to easily store a full skein of floss, and an accessible oblong cut-out to store all those leftover floss bits ensuring nothing goes to waste. 


You can label your Thread Hearts with the included stickers or write directly on them with a permanent marker. Permanent ink can be wiped away with rubbing alcohol allowing for repeated use.

Discounted Thread Hearts

Out of Stock
  • **Important** this is a discounted listing for 100 less-than-perfect Thread Hearts. Please see photos for detailed quality issues. 


    Thread Hearts measure roughly 1.9 inches wide by 1.6 inches long.

  • This discounted listing includes 100 Thread Hearts and round labels.