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1.11.22 Newsletter

Jan 11, 2022

Atom Heart Cross Stitch January Restock

I didn't think I would be able to squeeze everything into this restock but I am so excited to announce that I will have 3 brand new thread holders hitting the store this week.

Meet Thread Chips, Thread Blends, and Thread Bobbins. All three will be available on 1/16 in addition to the original Thread Hearts. Thread Chips are your standard floss drop with a spot for all those extra bits! Available in 25pks of clear acrylic. Thread Bobbins are a standard size bobbin (4cmx4cm) in the form of a floss drop with a spot for those extra bits. Use like a floss drop and wrap up for storage when you're done! Available in 25pks of frosted acrylic. Thread Blends are the perfect answer to your blended thread projects and keep multiple skeins organized at once. Available in 25pks of frosted acrylic and 20pks of kraft paper card stock.

It was a tight squeeze getting these cut and packed in time for the 1/16 restock so please note inventory will be limited this month. I will be increasing inventory in future restocks.

Limited Edition Thread Holders
The limited edition colors featured for January are Malibu Sands and NYE Blast. Both the Thread Hearts and Thread Chips will be available in these colors. Malibu Sands is a white acrylic with blue, green, and teal swirls and NYE Blast is a clear acrylic with pops of multi-colored confetti throughout.

Set of 25 Thread Chips for $20 includes a 3" binder ring, round labels, and a matching mini needle minder
Set of 12 Thread Hearts for $12 includes a 2" binder ring, round labels, and a matching mini needle minder

Please note my online store is closed for the week while I work to get everything updated. Be sure to refresh your browser at 9am PST on 1/16 to grab your favorite goodies.

Coupon Codes & PayPal
If you have a coupon code please note you will need to check out via the store page and NOT PayPal. PayPal does not currently integrate coupon codes but I want to note the coupon code option is there if you checkout via the website.

We are kicking off 2022 with a bang and I have BIG plans in store for this year. Thank you for your support so far.

Happy Stitching!

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