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Sadly, our newest pack of standard thread holders in a frosted black acrylic did not arrive up to our standards. There is some rough edging along the sides and the acrylic itself is a little scuffed up. While many of the thread holders are still completely functional, you may receive a few in each batch that will be unusable.


These are being sold at 50% off and the discount is already applied to the price. 


Each pack includes 50 thread holders and round labels. Please note, a floss ring is not included.

Less Than Perfect Frosted Black Thread Holders

  • Thread Hearts measure roughly 1.9 inches wide by 1.6 inches long

    Thread Blends measure roughly 1.3 inches wide by 1.9 inches long

  • Each pack inlcudes 50 Thread Holders and round labels. 

    Floss ring is NOT inlcuded

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