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The original Atom Heart Cross Stitch Thread Chips are the embroidery floss drops with a spot for all your leftover bits! Made from high quality acrylic, these are approximately 3mm thick, and measure roughly 1 inch wide by 1.8 inches long.


Thread Chips include an extra wide hole for easy floss ring storage, space to easily store a full skein of floss, and an accessible oblong cut-out to store all those leftover floss bits ensuring nothing goes to waste. 


You can label your Thread Chips with the included stickers or write directly on them with a permanent marker. Permanent ink can be wiped away with rubbing alcohol allowing for repeated use.

Standard Thread Chips

PriceFrom $22.00
  • Thread Chips measure roughly 1 inch wide by 1.8 inches long.

  • 50pk: includes 50 Thread Chips, 50 round labels, and a 3-inch floss storage ring


    100pk: includes 100 Thread Chips, 100 rounds labels, and a 3-inch floss storage ring

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