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home of the original embroidery floss drops you can wind like a bobbin


designing useful tools for the practical stitcher

We launched in October of 2021 with the original Thread Hearts and soon after expanded our line of thread holders to include Thread Bobbins, Thread Blends, and Thread Chips. Our uniquely designed embroidery floss drops hold a full skein of floss and include our signature oblong cut-out as a space to store all those leftover floss bits! We are passionate about creating useful and practical tools to keep stitchers organized, leaving you more time to focus on stitching and less time fighting your floss. 

We are humbled by all of the support of you have shown our little shop so far and are incredibly grateful to be part of such an incredible community of artists and creators.

We hope you love our products just as much as we do!


For order inquiries, please be sure to include your order number and the name the order was placed under

We will be in touch soon!

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